Sending a Kaboom message

You can share self-destructing Kaboom messages that contain a photo, text or both.

  1. Create your message by adding a photo, text or both.
  2. Set it to self-destruct.
  3. Share your Kaboom message.

See below for more details on creating and sending a Kaboom message.

Add a photo to your Kaboom message

You can add a photo to your Kaboom message by:

  1. choosing a photo from your photo gallery, or
  2. taking a new photo.

To add a photo from your gallery:

  1. Tap the photo album  icon.
  2. Select a photo.

To take a new photo:

  1. Tap the camera  icon.
  2. Snap your photo and tap Save.

Add text to your Kaboom message

You can add text to your Kaboom message including links. Just enter your text in the message field.

Set when it self-destructs

A Kaboom message will self-destruct when it expires. You can set it to expire after a number of times viewed or after a specified length of time has passed.

To set it to self-destruct:

  1. Tap MESSAGE EXPIRES IN field.
  2. Set the number of views or length of time before it self-destructs.
  3. Tap DONE.

Share your Kaboom message

Kaboom generates a link to your Kaboom message and makes it easy to share on popular websites and apps. You can share your Kaboom link via:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Kaboom
  • Other methods

To share your Kaboom message: tap one of the options provided under “CHOOSE HOW TO SHARE”.

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